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Ensure the comfort of your guests with modern and classy sets of chairs and tables

You'll be glad to know that there are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to chairs at tables at Rain or Shine Tent Rental. Take your pick from a variety of folding chairs and specialty tables that'll go well with the entire tent setup.


If you're throwing a lavish wedding bash, a pole tent or frame tent is what you'll need to make your event look faultless. Looking for custom lighting and heating arrangements? Our trained crew will be happy to help. Contact us now!

Excellent chairs and tables for all celebratory affairs

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Pick the chairs and tables that fit your budget

Old-white folding chairs

(Plastic seat / back, metal frame)

$1.25 ea.

Bright white folding chairs

$1.60 ea.

Black folding chair

(Plastic seat / back, metal frame)

$1.60 ea.

White wood folding chairs

(Padded seat / back)

$3.15 ea.


6' x 30" (seats 6-8)

$9.00 ea.



8' x 30" (seats 8-10)

$9.50 ea.

30" Round cocktail table (30' or 42' height)

$9.85 ea.


36" Round (seats 4)

$8.25 ea.

48" Round (seats 6)

$9.25 ea.

60" Round (seats 8)

$10.50 ea.

72" Round (seats 10)

$11.50 ea.

Serpentine (5' inside x 10' outside diameter)

$10.50 ea.

Specialty tables:

60" umbrella table (with white umbrella)

$40.00 ea.

6 Bar table with skirting

$85.00 ea.

54" x 54" (for 30" Cabaret table)

$7.25 ea.


62" x 62" (for 36" Round table)


72" x 72" (for 48" Round table)

$9.50 ea.

90" x 90" (for 60" Round table)

$10.65 ea.

54" x 120" (for 6' or 8' Banquet)


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