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Celebrate your special day on the grandest stage

No wedding or party can be complete without the guests and hosts all cutting loose and partying on a great dance floor. You can choose to rent a dance floor or get help to setup an event stage at Rain or Shine Tent Rental.


Contact our qualified team if you need help deciding the kind of lighting and heating equipment that you need for your event. Our courteous staff is always ready to help if you need more details on any deposit and payment-related information.

Stylish dance floors and classy staging

For FREE estimates to rent dance floors or stages, call Ron at


Top-of-the-line dance floors and staging

Starlight dance floor (4' x 4' sections)

(Grey faux marble with black trim)

$35.00 ea.

4' x 8' Wenger staging (24" height)

$50.00 ea.

2-step stair with railing

$40.00 ea.

3 / 4" Plywood flooring(no carpet)

$2.50 / sq.ft.

3 / 4" Plywood flooring(with turf)

(Flooring has 24" - 2" x 4" spacing)

$5.50 / sq.ft.

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